Digital Calipers

JP Barger

Fellow precision measurers,

Thanks for considerable response to my squib yesterday. If I were a better
communicator, I would have gone on to suggest that there's a market out
there for solar powered digital calipers under $100 in price, let's say in
the $50-100 range. That's the price range in which I bought mine a few years
ago when these were in surplus. I don't know specifically which other
vocations or avocations might be better accomplished (read aggravation
escaped in changing out dead batteries or chasing new ones, and the
additional cost of new batteries, not cheap any more) Maybe in businesses,
costs could be lowered, and therefore prices, too. Everyone knows, we need
lower costs in this country in order to compete these days in international

Anyhow, several of you have said that in this hobby $200 is a stiff and
unreasonable price to pay for the 'look ma, no battery' feature. You are, of
course, right. But at $50, I'd think that maybe as many as 50 of us might be
interested. If anyone on this list has a connection to the Mitutoyo company,
or to their competitors making digital calipers, you might mention this
submarket. There are by now in use in the world perhaps more than a million
of these calipers. Perhaps some normal, non model train-building folks would
like to stop chasing batteries, too. Who knows?

I would also be in the market for one or more USED solar-powered digitals in
the 50 dollar range, if anyone sees any going by your window. Provided they
are in 'as new' or 'slightly used' condition.

Keep smiling while making precision measurements, JP

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