Re: truck question

Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 29, 2011, at 7:30 PM, wrote:

I just dug out a Red Caboose box car kit L&N 90145 I bought cheap
awhile back.
I can't decide whether to keep the paint job or repaint it.

So far my research has found:
There was a car from this series on my railroad with a load of oats +
This cars had Miner hand brake and Apex running board +
The model has a 1953 reweigh date, I model 54 +
- I don't know what style truck was under this cars.

Does anyone know? Will they share their information with me? Not to
sound ungrateful, but I need to know a model truck not the name of
the prototype.
Clark Propst
I can tell you both. The trucks on all the cars in this series were
AAR cast steel with spring planks. The best HO replica is Accurail's
so-called (but mis-named) "Bettendorf" truck.

Richard Hendrickson

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