WAB Series 20300-20749 Series Question

Nelson Moyer <ku0a@...>

I ordered the Branchline Blueprint Series kit #1117, which was listed in the
Branchline catalog as built in 1953. Upon opening the box, the car was
lettered New 6-57 with the same build date. Ed Hawkins' article in the
August 1999 issue of Railmodel Journal shows a table on page 53 where the
WAB 20300-20749 series boxcars were built in July 1957, however the photo
caption for car #20631 on page 53 states the build date was July 1947. Which
is it, 1947 or 1957? Apparently, the 1953 build date in the Branchline
catalog is wrong, and the 6-57 build date on the car is wrong. I need to
decide whether to sell or change the build dates for this car, since my
cutoff date is 1953.


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