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Two days ago there was the question of why tractor loads had to be
six tractors on a 50' car. While I am sure the tariff made this
the most
cost effective option, could tractors be shipped in smaller lots
(4) on a
40' car? Or would lesser quantities of equipment still be shipped
auto cars?

In 1949, the Wabash had 141 SS auto cars in the 45000-45399 equipped
for double deck Ford tractor loading at Dearborn, Mich. The cars had
14 sets of chains secured by eye bolts to hold 7 tractors on each
deck. Upper deck was reinforced with 2"x8"'s and 8 cross angles.
Cars were stencilled with a "DK' above the "Automobile" lettering in
the upper left hand corner on both sides of the car. By
July 1957, only 7 cars in the same series remained equipped for
tractor loading. By then 10 sets of chains held 5 tractors on each
deck. Tractors got bigger. By 1958, no cars were shown as dedicated
to tractor loading. The Wabash did build and purchase many new flat
cars in the 1950's, so perhaps they were used.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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