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Stokes John

I'm not sure what relevance this has to the subject, Brian. The catalog may be copyrighted, it is a publication and is put together with unique features and content. The decal of rivets is not in the same category. It is a product that makes a common image available for use on a model in a certain way. The process of making decals is not unique to Archer, maybe the process for making raised decals is, but I doubt it. Archer may have a patent on a specific process for making their rivet decals, but in the absence of that, and an actual violation of that use, there is no apparent legal problem here.

As has been noted previously, we live in a world in modeling of individuals and companies copying, the more exactly the better, objects that exist from drawings or the actual thing, and selling them to us. There are multiple copies of many types of diesel engines out there, the same with certain types of steam locos, and multiple-multiple copies of common box cars by dozens of manufacturers. There is no copy right on these. The plans maybe, or a photo, but not on the actual object itself. Dinging MM for aggressively marketing products that others also offer is not very productive or encouraging to new manufacturers or products, or cheaper prices and different goods and services. Again, the "American way."

Many people think we have a capitalistic system that encourages dog-eat-dog competition and copycatism runs high. That's the "good old American way." There are laws protecting legitimate property interests of course, but the overall all theme is open competition. And perhaps Archer is the contracted manufacturer of the MM product, who knows?

I do note that the MM product seems to be one sheet with multiple sizes and types of rivets and other features, while Archer offers multiple sheets in a wide array of sizes and types of products. I doubt that MM will cut into the Archer sales very much, but so what, that's what capitalism is all about, isn't it?

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So, then, anyone can also just copy all of the Microscale catalog and get

away with it? After all, they are just miniature copies of the real thing,

too. That's wrong. Just my opinion.



Brian P. Ehni

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Brian Ehni wrote:

Wow. Doen't copyright cover Archer?

What would they copyright? The rivet spacing? You can't

copyright an idea.

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