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Stokes John

Not to drag this out too much, but a goodly number of the Microscale decals are or have been also offered by other decal manufacturers over the years. Presumably they are exact copies of the real thing, so there is no creative product involved. The UP name and logo can be and has been copied by many folks, lately under license by UP, and you too could make up the same decals fs you wanted to, as long as UP would license to you. or most of the railroad names and slogans there is no such permission, and if you have a good photo you could do what Art Griffen does and make your own decal and sell it (subject to any copyright issues on the photo). So yes, MM could reproduce its own version of all the decal products that Microscale lists. Copied straight from their catalog might be a problem since it is a publication, but the same thing could be accomplished other ways and it would be legal, and in the current system, ethical.

John S.

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By "catalog" I mean their entire product line of decals, exactly as

Micro-Mark has.



Brian P. Ehni

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