Re: Oh NO... MicroMark at it again!

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

John wrote:

<Dinging MM for aggressively marketing products that others also offer is
<not very productive or encouraging to new manufacturers or products, or
<cheaper prices and different goods and services. Again, the "American
<Many people think we have a capitalistic system that encourages dog-eat-
<dog competition and copycatism runs high. That's the "good old American
<way." There are laws protecting legitimate property interests of course,
<but the overall all theme is open competition.

I think the "American way" is seeing a product and producing something that
is significantly better, not just a cheap copies simply leads
to more American dollars being spent on foreign products. The NWSL Chopper
is made in America...the one MM sells is made, best guess, in China. Given
the price for the rivets MM is selling, I suspect those too are made in
China. I've sent a e-mail to Archer asking if they are manufacturing the MM
rivets as John suggested might be the case and, if I get an answer, I'll let
everyone know.

I for one, don't might spending a little bit more for a product made in
America. I also prefer to support a manufacturer who comes up with a new
idea rather than one who copies someone else's product, regardless of the
price differential. I think that approach is more encouraging to new

Jack Burgess
Newark, CA

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