Re: Oh NO... MicroMark at it again!

Andy Harman

At 03:24 PM 5/4/2011 -0700, you wrote:
to more American dollars being spent on foreign products. The NWSL Chopper
is made in America...the one MM sells is made, best guess, in China.
Wherever it's made it can't be any worse than the Chopper. It's a piece of junk. Or at least the Chopper 1 and Chopper 3 are. The 2 is almost usable having an aluminum base. All are great ideas, but sloppily built and in the case of the 1 and the 3, very poor choice of materials. Way too much play in the cutting arm to get precise cuts, I can do better with a straightedge and a #11.

No great love for MM, but if their chopper is better built, I'd try it. Never have seen it though. A precision guillotine type cutter where the blade comes straight down would be a very handy tool, without the pull distortion you get with a swiveling chopper if you cut anything more than about .050" wide.


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