Re: Livestock in closed cars?

Ray Breyer

What makes you think blocking the car doors open was for
transport of livestock? Do the rules specifically state
anything about livestock? While we can document specific
or unusual shipment of livestock in boxcars, I suspect
this rules were to accommodate those loads that typically
were shipped in ventilated boxcars, ie watermelons. The IC
served portions of the south. Many southern railroads had
ventilated boxcars. These rules may have been a way to
compete when a ventilated boxcar was requested and the IC
could not provide it.
Doug Harding

I sort of doubt this Doug. The IC made a deliberate decision to eliminate ventilated cars from their roster by 1933 (going from 1120 of this type of car in 1911 to zero in 1933). Any ventilated traffic they might have generated could easily have been transported in one of their stock cars. And since the IC served most of the "hog belt" (Iowa and IL) that stock traffic was FAR more important, so I can see plain boxcars being used for this traffic over occasional loadings of melons.

Most of the photos I have of the IC's South Water Street terminal in Chicago show LOTS of deep south ventilated cars, but no IC ventilated cars after 1910 or so. The couple of good IC VM photos that I have (pulled off LoC downloads) were taken in 1903, and show cars that were also equipped with heaters.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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