Re: The Chopper

Andy Harman

At 05:34 PM 5/5/2011 -0700, you wrote:
I've toyed with a number of ideas of how to make the length stop adjustable
via a screw drive...many times I set the stop and cut a piece of styrene
only to find that it is a couple hundredths too long or too short. Rather
than loosen the clamp for the stop and try to slide it one way or the other,
I'd prefer to adjust it via a screw. I'd also like to be able to design a
rotating pivot for the arm in order to easily cut angles, much like a chop
I think there is a market for a *precision* chopper tool with the adjustments you describe. It would seem that those who are getting use out of these have modified them in some way. Or in the language of model railroading, they're not exactly RTR.


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