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Bob Werre

Thanks Rich and others,

I knew the ribs in the center area were different but I didn't have a clue about the ends. I can overlook a difference or two but the ends were the tipping point. So I'll dig out a tray of water and use the PRR decals. I do have several other PRR cars and I didn't want to overpower my roster with these speciality cars. Back in the 60's a similar mill gondola kit (wooden sticks mostly) was made by Regal Kits with the choice of several road name decals--PRR, Eric, MILW etc. which lead me to ponder the possibilities.

Bob Werre

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I would leave it as a Pennsy G-26, as for starters the ribs on the Milwaukee gon span the entire side while the G-26 only partially spans the sides towards the middle of the gon. Another detail is the ends are different, The Milwaukee gon has "flipped" dreadnaughts. I started building a Milwaukee mill gon using an Eastern Car Works AAR gon, construction still in progress. I began by removing the rivets and side stakes (ribs) and replacing them with Evergreen strips. The inspiration came from a gent building an N scale version featured in the May 2010 RMC.
Rich Christie

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Bob, I would second Jerry's suggestion that you go ahead and do it as a
Pennsy car. Pennsy had a huge fleet, and, besides, you can save
yourself the trouble of trying to modify a brass model...or painting it
for Milw when it wasn't exactly a Milw gon.

Quoting jerryglow@...:

OTOH there's little reason NOT to do it as PRR as the cars were well
traveled and PRR did serve major industrial areas. Remember, in our
era, everyone is a PRR modeler <g>

Jerry Glow

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The G26 is a definitive design unique to the Pennsylvania Railroad.
That said, I don't think anything should deter you from lettering the
model for Milwaukee Road if you wish to.


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I'm am the owner of a brass G-26 mill gondola imported by Pennsy S
Models. The car is nicely painted while proper decals were provided

Since I'm a Milwaukee Road fan, I was wondering about lettering the
car for the Milwaukee's own 93500 to 93534 series of gons. Off hand I
see some differences in the vertical ribs, requiring major and
unwelcome surgery. The only photo I have is one published in
"Milwaukee Road Color Guide" by Dough Nighswonger, which shows a side
view. Is anyone aware of any other major differences between the two
cars that would further detract me from lettering this car for the
Milwaukee Road.

Many thanks,

Bob Werre

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