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Jeff Coleman


thanks for correcting me, I didn't look past the 1960 cutoff date.

Jeff Coleman

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no for N&W as well

Jeff Coleman
Actually, the Accurail car is spot-on for the W&LE cars, which went to the NKP (and the Jan. 1958 ORER lists them with NKP reporting marks, same number series, 45000-46749) These cars then went to the N&W when that road absorbed the NKP, the Oct. 1970 ORER lists six cars from that series still with NKP reporting marks, while the rest had been renumbered into the N&W 245000 - 246749 series, but of course that is after the cut-off date of this list.

Other groups not yet mentioned:

The D&RGW cars went to the Alaska RR, and I suppose we'll eventually do that lettering scheme, too. I have no idea if any of the cars ever made it back to the "lower 48" via the Hydro-Train service.

The Duluth South Shore $ Atlantic had 100 of these cars, built in 1953. I believe the main difference from the Accurail kit is our model has one too many grab irons at the right end of the sides. These cars went to the Soo Line when the CP consolidated its US subsidiaries in 1961. The Soo Line Historical & Technical Society commissioned a custom run of these cars in the original South Shore lettering, and two different Soo re-letter schemes. It appers these are still available, scroll down:

I would imagine once the society sells out we will add at least two of these schemes to our line, using different road numbers.

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc.

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