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Absolutely. Frankly the way I see it is that if the foobies sell and allow "us" to get more prototypically accurate models made (because it's easier to amortize the tooling cost when you're selling the "near enough" cars), then all the better.

What is more frustrating (to me!) is when cars are produced that have a fundamental flaw that renders them inaccurate for anything (eg the infamous Tichy tank car). In so many of these cases the money involved to make it right


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Even though we tend to be literalists about prototype models, I can
see how people who want to model prototype -operations- would be happy
to have an accurate paint scheme for their era on a model that is only
close-to, but not an exact copy-of, the prototype car. Especially when
the differences between model and prototype get increasingly esoteric.

In other words I guess I'm slipping towards "whatever floats yer boat"
when it comes to other folks' preferences.

Tim O'Connor

Example: When IM came out with meat company paint schemes on their ART reefer I rode along as two buddies picked up RTR models they'd ordered. When they dropped me off they asked to look at my color reefer book. They held the model's boxes up to the photos and were happy as pigs in slop when they saw they matched. I mentioned that the car was wrong, but they didn't listen.
Clark Propst

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