Re: Coupler box fasteners

Jared Harper

I am a very happy customer of McMaster-Carr. If I order early in the day I usually have my order by the next day.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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McMaster-Carr carries them in stainless, brass, and plastic in a variety of

And if you want different sizes, (down to 0-80) they have those, too:

And, no, I don't work for them; just a sometime customer because they carry
other goodies like thin sheet lead for weight and varying foams for box


Brian P. Ehni

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Instead of round head, try binder head.

I found a bin of these at a long-defunct electronics parts house in
Nashville and bought 3 pounds for $3. Any good screw supplier can get these
for you in bulk.


Brian P. Ehni

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