Last Truss Rod Boxcars Ordered by Class 1 Railroads

gary laakso

It appears that the last new 40 foot truss rod boxcar were built by CB&Q in 1926. Its Aurora shops built the class XM-27 in the 12100-121299 series. They had 6 truss rods, 6/7 corrugated Murphy ends, a Northern Pacific style radial roof and a 7 foot 9 3/4 inch inside height. There is a picture of one in the Council Bluffs Yard Circa 1945 article by Richard Hendrickson in the January, 1996 Railmodel Journal. In that same year, Southern's purchases of its nearly 15,000 36 foot truss rod boxcars was completed.

Were there any later orders by class 1 railroads for truss rod boxcars?

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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