Re: Foobies

Benjamin Hom

Jerry Michels wrote:
"I have a few of the Tichy tank cars that I built when they first came out
and the resources available to make a decision on accuracy was not what it
is today. In fact, I believe there was a drawing in Mainline Modeler by Bob
Hundman done expressly to show that there was such a car. With Mainline
being the de facto source at that time, I was happy with that

Sadly, we learned the hard way that depending on a Hundman drawing as a sole
source is living dangerously - witness the Branchline 41 ft postwar AAR boxcars
and various bogus USRA DS boxcar paint schemes offered by Ertl as more examples
to go along with the Tichy tank car.  Additionally, for the drawings of the PRR
Class X29 radial roof express car (unfortunately, a rare variation that wasn't
representive of these cars) that accompanied my articles that ran in Mainline,
he completely disregarded my redlines, resulting in another set of incorrect

Ben Hom

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