Re: Consumer-grade 3D printers hit the mainstream

John Kellett

Hi Mike,

Yes design your own 3-D models, upload, then they verify, and you can have them
printed.  Shapeways does have instructions for the process to guard against
'open' models.  Key word 'open' meaning that edges do not align to form a solid

The pricing that you see includes the shipping cost.  Shapeways minimum order is
$25.00 from any of the listed products.  And from order, production, to delivery
is usually 10 to 14 days.

The one shop I have ordered from is 'Stonysmith'.  Stony's models are mostly Z
scale, but with some recalculations you can see that they can be re-scaled.  Oh,
and all shop owners can set their own margin for their models.

John Kellett

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If I understand the site correctly, one can send 3-D models to them and have
them made!  Wow!  A game changer? Where's my Sketch-up!
Mike Aufderheide

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Here is a link to Shapeways.

To see what is in the model train arena, use the menu on the left side of the
screen.  Mouse over "Hobby" to gain access to the "Model Train" category.  I am
sure you will be surprised at the detailed work.  Shapeways is now experimenting

with a new material "Frosted Ultra Detail" (FUD).  If you watch the rotating
header, there is a bulldozer and a MOW truck, both are Z scale (1:220).  With
the new FUD material, Z scale can be designed now down to the three foot
details.  Shapeways has other materials including metal, and now ceramics.

One more item, these prices are not that bad.

John Kellett

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Subject: [STMFC] Consumer-grade 3D printers hit the mainstream

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