Re: Foobies

Tim O'Connor

Richard Hendrickson wrote

>> Not true, Dennis.

I read Dennis's post differently Richard. I think you are in
agreement -- there were alternatives, people tried, but Hundman
and Gould didn't listen.

>> if it had not been for Gould's obsession with secrecy ...

Based on stories I have heard, an "obsession" with secrecy may
be the key to survival for small businesses making large investments.

The classic example is the R-40-23 tooled by Jerry Porter, who made
no secret of his work, so Intermountain rushed in with the exact
same model (instead of reducing their O-scale R-40-10 to HO scale)
simply to run a torpedo into his side... and IMWX's boat sank very
rapidly. Rapid replication and preemption and commonly used tactics
in the hobby business.

Tim O'Connor

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