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Tim O'Connor writes:

Just between you and me, I am seriously thinking about commissioning one
or more brass freight car projects.
Sounds interesting.

(Hey, that start up in 1997 paid off
after all!) For example, I would really like to have a whole train of SP
Clejan flatcars w/ trailers.

Overland brought in Clejans last year for
about 150 dealer net. (They were not the SP version.) I wonder if I could
bring in 100 models, sell 80 at cost and keep 20 at cost -- I have no
interest in trying to make money or even get free models (although that
would be fine!). I simply want the models!!
What is a Clejan and who in their right mind would want trailers? Don't we
have enough of them in real life...clogging up the roads and all?

There are many tank cars I would love to see, including some earlier SP
cars, and that car people mistake for the Van Dyke (including me). Most
of the ones I'd really like to see are welded cars from the late 40's to
the late 50's. But, the Clejans w/ trailers are what I would like most.
Geeez. And us with no HK-50's or HK-70-1's or those tank cars with the rivet
lines perpendicular to the track or insulated tank cars? You expect us to
buy Cajun flat cars instead? Heck, we still need the C&O two bay hopper.
Dare I mention the N&W HL or H9? And what about an R-40-14? For that matter,
what about a 50' PFE express reefer? Has anyone done one? Yes, I know the
athearn car can be made into a fairly good stand in...I've done two and the
last one came out pretty good but I believe it's a bit too high.
but these days I feel like time
is more important than money. And I lost more money today on the stock
market than this mold idea would cost me.)

Any ideas, or suggestions?
Well, don't buy or If we could get Aley off his
duff at Intel, I'd suggest that. Anyhow, don't buy anything until those guys
that sold early last yr have paid their taxes. mean what car[s] you should do? I already answered that.

Mike......might as well go on down into the bunker I guess.

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