Ed <nprybiged@...>

In building a scale model of rolling stock you have no dought
delt with Archer Rivets.

Well, today I received my Micro-Mark order of their new product,
No.84985, HO scale Riverts. I was BLOWN AWAY. For a introductory
offer of $9.95 (Reg. $14.95) plus $4.95 Shipping which ends
Jun 13, 2011 you get TWO sheets, 6 1/2" x 10", of rivets, that's
a total of 118 SQ. INCHES.

Each sheet contains 16 GROUPS of different spacing, that includes
20 rolls of double lined for Tank cars, TWO groupings of curved
and circle patterns, FOUR groupings of louvers and FOUR groupings
of grillwork.

Needless to say, NO in my opinion, that beats Archer, HANDS DOWN.

Ed Uresm

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