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Bruce Smith


I think JP wanted the top 20 Railroads, not the top 20 per railroad <VBG> , although that data would be even more useful, and it is certainly the approach that you, I and others have taken in persuading manufacturers to do specific PRR cars.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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You need a message title, so...

For the PRR, closest date I have - July 1949; TOP 20:

H21A, X29, GLA, GS, GLCA, X31A, X26, X25, G22, H21E, H25, G27, X28A, GR,
X26C, G25, X38, X29B, G29

BTW, this changes dramatically for 1955.....

Elden Gatwood

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Hi-- Tony Thompson's last message made me think that a 'pareto' list of the
top twenty RR's total freight car ownership in 1950 would be most useful in
thinking about what is under- and what is overrepresented in model form.
Does someone have this data? Thanks in advance.

JP Barger

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