Re: Top 20 North American Freight Car Fleets, January 1949

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Richard Hendrickson wrote:
Ben, as your boxcar compilation no doubt shows, this list changes dramatically if coal hoppers are excluded. B&O, C&O, L&N, and N&W move way down the list, Santa Fe, Milwaukee, and Southern Pacific move way up. So for many of us (i.e., most of us who model railroads west of the Mississippi) this list isn't very helpful and in fact may give us a seriously distorted picture of the foreign road freight cars we need to model.
Exactly. The chart i referenced from my blog DOES have the hopper, ore and ballast cars removed. Here's that link again:

My data also are for 1950, as it happens, and they INCLUDE the subsidiaries, such as C&NW's Omaha Road and Mopac's IGN and others, unlike the Nehrich data.

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