Re: Top 20 North American Freight Car Fleets, January 1949

Benjamin Hom

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
"Ben, as your boxcar compilation no doubt shows, this list changes
dramatically if coal hoppers are excluded. B&O, C&O, L&N, and N&W
move way down the list, Santa Fe, Milwaukee, and Southern Pacific
move way up. So for many of us (i.e., most of us who model railroads
west of the Mississippi) this list isn't very helpful and in fact may
give us a seriously distorted picture of the foreign road freight
cars we need to model."

Richard, just giving JP what he wanted. :)

Agree with you 100% - I've always believed that a better entering argument (reinforced by Tim Gilbert and Dave Nelson) was to look at the general service cars (XM, FM) as one of the bases for most likely foreign road cars.

Ben Hom

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