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Mike Aufderheide wrote:
FWIW, the following lists of the most numerous box/auto/vent cars not modeled in resin or plastic: (1950 ORER #s)
Terrific list, Mike! A couple of comments:

CNW 60000 series USRA clone rebuild. 1,009 cars. 6th most numerous house car on CNW.
MILW 597000 series, etc. ss raised roof auto car. 1,137 cars, 7th most numerous house car on the MILW.
MP 42000 series etc. ss 10'-0" IH. 1,697 cars, 4th most numerous house car on MP.
NYC 56400 series etc., steel, rebuilt of 1916 ds auto cars, 2,973 cars, 12th most numerous house car on NYC.
NYC 147000 series, steel, 40ft, 10ft doors, 9'-4" IH, 2,486 cars, 13th most numerous house car on NYC.
Um, I'm a little doubtful that car groups this far down the list all need to be done--except of course for modelers of those roads.

PRR X38, 50ft steel, 14'-6" doors, 10'-8"IH. 2,299 cars, 14th most numerous house car on PRR.
DIdn't these cars have two different roofs? If so, it's misleading to lump them all together--and 14th most numerous doesn't shout a "call of action" to me <g>.

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