Re: Top 20 North American Freight Car Fleets, January 1949

Larry Kline

The data for boxcars as of 12-31-1950 can be found in the Files section as a table of numbers and in the photos section as two bar charts for the top twenty owners and the next twenty owners. The table includes CN and CP. CN and CP were removed from the bar charts. Without CN and CP the top twenty boxcar owners own 76% of the US boxcar fleet.

I compared the North American boxcar fleet with the NMRA Charles collection and posted it in the Files section in August 2008. The data are as of 12-31-1950 from the Handbook of American Railroads They are presented as a table. The link is:

I compared the same 12-31-1950 US boxcar fleet data with the boxcars that can be identified in WM and P&WV train photos. Most of the photos are Bill Price WM photos from the early 1950s. The data are presented as bar charts showing percentages. The charts are in the photos section. I posted them several years ago. Jeff Aley moved them from the files section in August 2010. The link is:

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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