Re: US Navy freight cars.

Richard Hendrickson

On May 16, 2011, at 12:59 PM, kenneth broomfield wrote:

I am sure this has come up but can not find anything about it in
the archives. I
have a US Navy, made by Athern, boxcar and am wondering how correct
it is? Did
the Navy have any boxcars and if so does anyone have a picture of
one in
service? Did they have alot of them? I also have seen a Navy
flatcar on e-bay,
Mantua I think, and am wondering the same thing about it. Thank you
for any and
all support that I can get for this question.

Kenny Broomfield
The Navy had three large groups of 50' 1-1/2 door steel box cars for
ammunition loading, as well as a few flat cars, conventional tank
cars, and helium tank cars. See any steam era Official Railway
Equipment Register. No Athearn model is remotely close to any U. S.
Navy cars, and I doubt that the Mantua flat is at all accurate, either.

Richard Hendrickson

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