ART wood refrigerator car

Marty McGuirk

See the following link - this photo was taken in Lewiston, Me., on the Grand Trunk (NEL):

The caboose was leased to the GT(NEL) in 1956, and steam was off the railroad by 1957, which means this photo was likely taken in either the early part of 1956 or in the Fall of 56 or winter of 57 (based on the leafless trees).

Any suggestions on modeling the wood ART refrigerator car in the foreground?

There were two large beer distributors on the GT's branch in Lewiston, as well as a meat packing house (privately owned) and a Swift packing house. My guess - and it's just that - is the car is going to/from the Midwest with some of that St. Louis swill . . . . I mean "beer."



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