Re: Silica Sand

tgmadden <tgmadden@...>

Byron wrote:
...... put it in a sock and hit it with a hammer.

I'd just as soon not even think about that.

1. Campbell included a small bag of something in their sand house kit. Yes,
I know that was supposed to represent traction sand and not silica sand, but
it looked pretty good.

2. One of the finer grades of aluminum oxide might work, although you
wouldn't want it loose around moving parts.

3. Ship it only in covered hoppers, which renders the point moot.

4. Make a shape of the pile/load of sand and "dry spray" it with an
appropriate color of Floquil. (Spray from too far away at too high a
pressure so the paint goes on grainy - an effect I get when I want it the

Tom M.

Moot moot!

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