Re: US Navy freight cars.

Marty McGuirk

We still use some of those  cars - they were refurbished a few years ago. They are used to move conventional ordnance  . . .


The Navy Railway Operating Handbook  offers a good basic introduction to the various types and cargos the Navy/Marine Corps ship by rail. Love the cover image - which hasn't changed in well over 6 decades.

There were of course, specialized cars that look like flatcars with large cylinders semi-permanently mounted in place, used to transport spent fuel rods. The current version of these cars operate with DODX markings and are designated as M140 - a little late for the era of this list, but there was an earlier version that ran in the (late) steam era.


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Don't forget the Navy had three lots of 40 foot PS-1 box cars built in 1952, 1953 and 1955.

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Yes, the Navy did have box cars and at least one Helium car (for blimps I
think?). Will send to you direct in a separate email.

You find the car numbers and other info in any ORER. I will send a scan of
the October 1954 Navy info.

Allen Cain

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