Re: Top 20 North American Freight Car Fleets, January 1949

Bruce Smith

Armand Premo wrote:
This is a discussion that will be endless.First of all the
area being modeled is the most important factor in determining car

Wait a minute, you started this! Now, I know you did not really
intend to start the car distribution debate over as that was not the
question that you asked, but it is ironic that your original question
is based on logical underpinnings of a hypothesis you choose to dispute.

You asked about the top freight car fleets in the US and under-
represented roads and models. That would be irrelevant if cars were
not evenly distributed as the relevant question would then be the top
MODELED railroads and whether they were underserved by models.

Your original question is really only relevant if freight cars are
randomly distributed, as then, regardless of popularity of modeling a
given road, there should be some reflection of the national pool in
the modeled pool. This, of course, ignores for now the important
point that modeled home roads DO alter the national model freight car

So, although you think you do not believe in the N-G model, you
really do, and we thank you for your support ;^)


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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