Re: Rivets


From this I surmise that, once again, you get what you pay for.


Quoting Kurt Laughlin <>:

I emailed Woody of Archer because I have worked with him on several
projects and asked him if we wanted to say anything about the Micro
Mark product. He replied:

Dear Kurt,

Archer is a small, family owned and operated business that pioneered
the process of producing resin objects onto clear decal film in 2007
and we have been marketing these products continuously since then.
Our resin products are precise scale, researched and approved by
knowledgable modelers to meet their highest quality standards. Archer
will not compromise on quality and will continue to serve the
modeling community by expanding our selection of resin details on a
regular basis.

Archer's resin details are produced using a proprietary process. We
do not license our process to any other company or individual.
Archer's resin details are manufactured in our facility in the United
States and we must conform to strict government and environmental
regulations particularly those regarding the use and disposal of
hazardous materials. Our production costs are very high and this is
reflected in the price.

Archer fully understands that our level of dedication and quality may
exceed the needs of the casual modeler and respects the freedom of
all consumers to spend their money as they wish.

Archer is proud to be an innovator and participant in a free market
society and I hope my comments address your concerns.

Best wishes,

Woody Vondracek, owner

He also sent along a blow-up of one of the MM sets and it is exactly
as others have noted: Cleanly applied black ink patterns over what
appears to be more or less random gobs of a clear material. It would
be interesting if the fellow who was so impressed with the MM product
would show photos of the applied and painted "details", along with
his opinion of the results.


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