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Andy Harman

At 07:46 PM 5/17/2011 -0400, you wrote:

On the other extreme, I've received MANY requests simply to use a
quote from an email that I posted to this list!! Now, this is a public
forum, and when I post here I have absolutely no intention of claiming
that I own the copyright to my email messages. But many people seem
to bend over backwards, and ask for permission to quote me out of
sheer politeness I guess. Of course I always say yes, sure, go ahead
and use the quote, for what it's worth.
Long time ago, I wrote some song reviews - really just a commentary - on a usenet forum. Entirely my own words. About a year later, I stumbled across my post - verbatim - posted to a "wedding" forum. The person who lifted my post added a few lines like "would be great for weddings" but otherwise didn't alter my text. And of course my name was completely removed from it. I just made a post claiming it and citing my original, and the perpetrator was never heard from again... pretty funny actually because I caught him in the act.

I've found positively ancient stuff of mine out on the web, with my name still attached to it - so I've gotten credit even for stuff I probably wish I could forget :-)

Of course there are a few people who love to say that I said this or that, or "always was against such and such" but can provide nothing in the 16 years worth of usenet and yahoo and every other archive out there to back it up.


Which I guess is my way of saying that if I wrote something that I
wanted to publish and copyright, I would NOT post it here first. :-)

Tim O'Connor


I will add to this that it has recently come to my attention that a
model RR club has published on its website, intact, the handout for a
clinic I did several years ago. No problem there; I gave the clinic
for the purpose of disseminating information. However, on the club
website there is NO credit given, no acknowledgment of the source, no
mention of my name. It's as though the handout text was originated
by some nameless club member, or perhaps it sprang forth from the
right hand of God and is therefore automatically in the public
domain. And that's not okay. The electronic media provide entirely
too generous an opportunity for rip-offs of this sort.
Richard Hendrickson


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