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Andy Harman

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Jack, exactly. Meets are, above all, social gatherings. I've never gone to
attend clinics -- I've gone to attend clinics WITH my hobby friends and share
our knowledge, stories and modeling with one another. I doubt that having
the clinics online would detract from attendance.
I am quite sure that in order for me to sit through a 45 or 60 minute clinic video - especially on a 6" window - it better be of absolute fascination to me. I have a difficult time paying attention in any "classroom" situation (just ask any of the dozens of unfortunate souls who were my teachers back in the day) and I have one heck of a time focusing on a single speaker for more than about 5 minutes. Unless he's VERY good at holding attention, and the subject holds me all by itself.

So I could see maybe watching a video of a clinic. I use the singular. I see guys who come to RPM meets and you never see them or even know they're there because they run from clinic to clinic and complain if two they want to see are running at the same time. My brain would frost if I attempted it. I guess those guys were all straight A students with masters and PhDs.


What Youtube videos COULD do is help us to REMEMBER what we heard in a
clinic. I wish I could watch Lloyd Keyser's brass kitbashing clinic over
and over, because he showed how to cut up a brass model, build soldering
jigs, fabricate new parts, etc -- These are not details that can be truly
absorbed in one go! I wish I had the whole "Lloyd Keyser collection" :-)

Tim O'Connor


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