Re: NMRA convention

Andy Harman

On Wed, 18 May 2011 08:24:20 -0500, Andy Sperandeo wrote
I agree with Jack Burgess's point about keeping clinic presentations under the
presenter's control. And I'll raise an additional objection of my own. On
occasions when I've relented and allowed myself to be taped, I've generally
been disappointed in the quality of the resulting videos. I'd prefer not being
in any videos to having a clinic I've invested effort and resources in
creating shown in a bad video.
The same is true of magazine articles. I had one editor pounding on me for an article
about some models that I built 10 years earlier (at the time). The models were
"interesting" but not particularly good, nor were they all that accurate. I offered to
rebuild some of them and do an article on that process, which I thought would be a lot
more useful, but he said I can't wait 10 more years or something like that. He said can
I just photograph the models, or send them to him to photograph, and he'd write the
article. I once again said no, I'm not going to have my name on an article I didn't
write, especially when the models are not up to my standards. That's where it ended. I
wonder how many times this has been done though - where an article is published and
between the poor quality of the photos, the prose, or the model itself, one forms an
opinion of the skills of the "author" when in fact, it's not necessarily his fault?

I'm presently involved in a project which, if it goes into production in its current
state, I would prefer my name never be connected with it. Perhaps even if it turns out
to be a real winner, my name should still not be connected to it. My role is that of
looking at drawings and saying "warmer.. warmer... nope... COLD!" which is something
anyone with access to prototype photos and a pair of eyeballs could do. I haven't
figured out if they just aren't taking the project seriously, or if it's so far down the
communication / language barrier chain that my comments just aren't getting through.
Suffice it to say, when this product arrives in the hobby shop I might just be Sgt. Schutlz.


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