Re: NMRA Conventions

Douglas Harding

Just recently I had someone ask if they could have a copy of the PowerPoint
clinic I was giving so they could show it at their upcoming convention. I
wasn't invited to come be the presenter, so I can only assume the intent was
someone else would show the clinic with minimal commentary, or more likely
incorrect commentary. I said no.

I have had to explain numerous times through the years that, like Tony
indicated, some of the photos I use I do so only with permission for
showing, not for distribution or sale. Other photos I use came with very
expensive price tags, you know the libraries, and I am not about to give
them away. I am more than willing to share my research and materials, via
clinics at conventions, articles, etc. but my commentary and conclusions,
based upon that research, is my property. It is for these reasons I will not
allow video taping. And this does not even cover the commercial enterprise
where someone records a convention clinic then offers tapes or DVD's for
sale for a profit on the commercial market.

Doug Auburg's mention of the Cincinnati National reminds me of the time I
entered a clinic room at that convention to find someone downloading copies
of clinics to a flashdrive. He didn't have permission, was simply taking
advantage of an unattended computer. I believe that was one of the first
years the NMRA asked for digital clinics in advance to preload on laptops. I
recall having a discussion with Doug and/or his staff at that time about
security. I have not presented at a National since so don't know it this
issue has been resolved.

Doug Harding

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