Re: NMRA Conventions

Andy Harman

On Wed, 18 May 2011 09:58:26 -0500, Douglas Harding wrote

Doug Auburg's mention of the Cincinnati National reminds me of the time I
entered a clinic room at that convention to find someone downloading copies
of clinics to a flashdrive. He didn't have permission, was simply taking
advantage of an unattended computer. I believe that was one of the first
years the NMRA asked for digital clinics in advance to preload on laptops.
Interesting point. In the past I have given copies of my clinic presentation to people
who requested them - and had the flash drive in hand to do it right there. Since these
clinics do often contain photos that aren't mine, I probably shouldn't do that (although
99% of the photos that are not mine are readily available on line).

As to pre-loading, that would be difficult since normally I finish my clinic no sooner
than 3 am the night before I'm due to present. When the clinic is a rerun, things are a
bit different but I can and do make changes.

I never really dreamed that hobby clinics would be worth stealing to anyone, but there
are people who will try to make money off of just about anything.


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