Re: Q re: ubiquitous solid bearing "Bettendorf" freight trucks

Tim O'Connor

Athearn #90400 "Bettendorf" = ??
50 ton ASF A-3

Atlas #185000 "Bettendorf" = ??
50 ton Barber S-2

Tichy #3008 "Bettendorf" = 70 ton AAR (ASF)self-aligning spr. plankless
70 ton? I don't think so.

Proto #21251 = 50 ton (AAR?) (?)spring plankless
Scullin 50 ton, I think.

Re: BLI REA reefers

Thomas M. Olsen <tmolsen@...>

In reference to the Walthers ?? cars: The Walther's September announcements on their web site lists the BLI cars that I listed in my email of Sunday. Tim, is it possible that these cars that are listed under the BLI manufacturers listing on the Walther's web site were the one's that you had seen?

Tom Olsen
Newark, Delaware

Jon Miller wrote:

Thank you for all the information. However it didn't answer Tim
O'Connor's question "are these the same cars as the new Walthers cars". It
appears to me they are but I don't know enough about them.

Jon Miller
For me time has stopped in 1941
Digitrax, Chief/Zephyr systems, JMRI user
NMRA Life member #2623
Member SFRH&MS

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Re: BLI REA reefers

Steve Sandifer <jssand@...>

What is the breakdown on years for paint schemes? It is my understanding that

Pullman green - 30s - 1954
Red diamond - 1954-64
X logo - 1964+

J. Stephen (Steve) Sandifer
Home: 12027 Mulholland Dr., Meadows Place, TX 77477, 281-568-9918
Office: Southwest Central Church of Christ, 4011 W. Bellfort, Houston, TX 77025, 713-667-9417

----- Original Message -----
From: Tim O'Connor
To: STMFC@...
Sent: Saturday, October 16, 2004 3:26 PM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] BLI REA reefers

Are these General American wood reefers? The same ones Walthers is
producing? The same ones Precision Scale is importing? It seems like
it's always feast or famine...

Pre-ordering is not only a shot in the dark, but it's really not
necessary 98% of the time. I think with two plastic versions at once
there's going to be some dumping going on.

>Not any replies on the Passenger car list so will try here! BLIs new
>express reefers are due soon. The ones I ordered were;
>_884 REX #1201 & 1202, Railway Express Agency, Pullman green, HO_
>However assuming the picture they show is not always right aren't these
>"REA" and not REX. Pullman green seems to be correct for my era and the
>pictured car is correct (I think).
>Pre-ordering is always a shot in the dark nowadays.
>Jon Miller

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Re: fallen flags web site intriguing car

Richard Hendrickson

An interesting photo on this site is of CNW 128698, a double sheathed box
car from 1912. What I found odd was the dark lines or shadows spaced
along the side sheathing, making it look somewhat like the panels of a
steel sheathed car. What is it in the design that gives this appearance?

Rob Kirkham
Rob, it appears that the vertical wooden posts of the side framing were
exposed, with the sheathing fitted between them and the surface of the
posts standing out slightly farther than the sheathing. The diagonals
would have been concealed inside the sheathing. Note the bolts that
secured the vertical posts to the side sill.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Kits for Sale at Naperville

Keith Jordan

To Those of You Who Still Build Kits,

I have the following InterMountain HO unbuilt kits for sale and would be
willing to bring them next week to Naperville. Let me know, offline, please.

PFE R-40-10 Car No. 42533 Single Herald Original Run 15.00
PFE R-40-10 Car No. 42474 Single Herald Original Run 15.00

PFE R-40-10 Car No. 42480 Single Herald Premium Line 20.00
PFE R-40-10 Car No. 42653 Single Herald Premium Line 20.00
PFE R-40-10 Car No. 42599 Single Herald Premium Line 20.00

SFRD RR-27 Car No. 34866 El Capitan/Curve Line Map 15.00
SFRD RR-27 Car No. 34721 Grand Canyon/Curve Line Map 15.00

PFE R-40-23 Undecorated 4 Kits Original Run 10.00 each

SFRD Rr-19/23/25/27/28/32 Undecorated 6 Kits Original Run 15.00 each

Again, contact me offline if you want 'em. See you in Naperville.

Keith Jordan


Schuyler Larrabee

A while back we had a thread on tools, started
with tweezers, I think.

Sometimes you have to look at stuff with more than
one mindset. I was seeking toothpicks (for mixing
up epoxy to use on steam era freight cars) today
at the store. I wound up, thanks to misdirection
from an employee, in the dental section. GUM and
Oral-B both offer li'l teeny brushes about 3/32"
in diameter and !1/2" long on handles, like a
bottle brush shape. GUM's are tapered, Oral-B
isn't. I expect them to be useful for cleaning
out small spaces on models.


Re: PSC 12,000 Gallon tank

Richard Townsend

Thanks for the info. Think one is worth $39?

Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...> wrote:

I saw a PSC (I think) "12,000 gallon" insulated tank car model at the
hobbyshop today. �Is this an accurate model of anything?

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon
Rich, some years ago PSC imported some "bargain" models of HP ICC-105 tank
cars, and the model you saw may be one of them if it had a small valve
casing on top of the tank instead of an expansion dome. �IIRC, They weren't
wildly inaccurate but they also were rather crude and not very well

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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Re: fallen flags web site intriguing car

Schuyler Larrabee

Yes, that is interesting. It looks to me like
overlaid? steel? bars on the side. The fasteners
at the bottom of the side at each vertical piece
lend to that impression. They >could< also be
thicker, and wider, wooden pieces. Interesting.


-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Kirkham [mailto:rdkirkham@...]
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2004 9:23 PM
To: STMFC@...
Subject: [STMFC] fallen flags web site
intriguing car

An interesting photo on this site is of CNW
128698, a double
sheathed box car from 1912. What I found odd
was the dark
lines or shadows spaced along the side
sheathing, making it
look somewhat like the panels of a steel
sheathed car. What
is it in the design that gives this appearance?

Rob Kirkham

[Non-text portions of this message have been

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ADMIN: Software Discussions= Not.

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

As Ben Hom so eloquently put it...discussions about computer software has little to do with our agreed to subject matter and is entirely out of scope.

Strike one.

Mike Brock

Re: Wooden Running Boards - Dates

Schuyler Larrabee

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim O'Connor

Perhaps other people can cite other batches of
cars built
with them prior to 1944 -- when they became
required equipment.
Tim, I assume you mean required on NEW equipment?


Re: Kadee #78 Couplers - Revised design

Schuyler Larrabee

So, what color do the old style 78's come in, so I
can figure out when the new style are in stock?
Of course, by doing that, the old stock will be in
stock for quite a while . . .

The shops I've been in haven't even known there
WAS a 78 . . .


-----Original Message-----
From: Dale DeWitt [mailto:dcdewi@...]
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2004 1:14 PM
To: STMFC@...
Subject: [STMFC] Kadee #78 Couplers - Revised

Does anybody have any leverage with Kadee to get
them to
release the "fixed" vesion of their #78 "scale
couplers with
the Narrow draft
gear box"?

Kadee "fixed" the #58 scale couplers and
released them about
a year ago. This makes a big visual
improvement. (By fixed,
I mean eliminated the big gap between the
knuckle and the
coupler body) The
#78 and #58 couplers have a completely different
shank and
are not interchangeable. I was told by Kadee
that they had
also "fixed" and produced the revised #78
coupler but that
they were not going to release them to the
public until they
sold out all of their inventories of the old
ones with the
gap in them. In the meantime, they are
including the revised
#78 design on their HO freight cars.

I like the appearance of the narrow draft gear
boxes but I
for one, do not plan on purchasing any more of
the old style
#78s. Perhaps inquires from other modelers will
the revised design release.

Dale DeWitt

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Re: Free Range Coal Hoppers -- N&W

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Brian Chapman wrote:

There have been several extensive threads concerning N&W hoppers,
during the last few years, on this list. One that I recorded came
about in the summer of 2002.

Mike Brock has asserted a number of times that N&W hoppers traveled
regularly throughout the Midwest. Here are some of his comments from
earlier posts:

" N&W hoppers, of course, went far off N&W tracks, all through the
Midwestern states as many photos and videos show. . . . "

"N&W terminals for "exporting" coal into the Midwest were primarily
Columbus and Cincinnati. Coal moving to Lake Erie went on the Pennsy
to Sanduskey while that traveling to Toledo went NYC.

"It is noteworthy that N&W served two distinctly different coal
types. Pocahontas coal (rated between bituminous and semi-anthracite)
and high volatile bituminous from west of Iaeger both went east and
west depending on the final destination. . . . "

Mike has pointedly said on other occasions that Midwestern roads
moved coal in N&W hoppers regularly and often (am I paraphrasing you
correctly, Mike?). So, get them N&Ws a runnin' on them Midwesturn
From page 79 of the 1948 AAR Superintendents' PROCEEDINGS OF THE 52ND ANNUAL MEETING,

"There are certain ownerships of coal cars in which there are definite restrictions against loading the cars on the rails of any carrier other than the owning road: for example, the so-called 'C-411' cars which are the C&O, L&N, N&W and Virginian marks."

Therefore, any N&W (or C&O, L&N, VGN) hopper seen in the Mid-West either contained coal mined on those roads, or was returning to those roads empty.

Tim Gilbert

B&O Covered Hoppers

Edwin C Kirstatter <q1xamacarthur@...>

Dear "Loconut35"

The B&O Grey mix, that you mention, using Floquil paints is for PASSENGER
cars NOT freight cars! Not the same color. Paint your B&O Covered hoppers
Cement Grey. I used to use Floquil Primer this is many years ago. I
thought it was perfect for the cement grey color. Then Floquil changed
there primer to a darker grey still not as dark as Reefer Grey or Cement.
The next time I have to do a B&O grey covered hopper I think I will add
some Reefer white to the primer until it looks like what it used to look

I didn't know that F&C made a B&O Class N-31 Covered Wagon type model. I
had seen one of their
N-34 W-T covered hopper that they make exclusively for Central Hobby
Supply. Not the same car. The B&O only built one N-31 #630200 a 50-Ton
Cement car in 1935 using special steels to keep the weight down. The 200
N-34 were 70 Ton Cement cars built in 1940 with Duryea underframes.

At some time in its life the N-31 was painted a very dark color. I would
guess it was black because of the darkness of the B&W photo I have seen
of it.

Edwin C. Kirstatter, B&O Modeler.

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Re: Lookout utility - Google alternative

Schuyler Larrabee

Pete Brown and 'Bob' Crispen have been discussing
the Lookout utility offered (or not, as the case
sometimes is) by Microsoft which allows you to
search your own computer.

I downloaded the Google alternative the other day.
It has, in the background while I've been doing
other stuff, searched my entire hard drive, and I
can now search everything on there. I found stuff
I've got that I'd forgotten I had ever seen. Very
fast. Searches my hard drive when I use
conventional Google to the web, and has already
told me I'd already found the answer to that
question once before, and that it was on my hard

Good stuff, as far as I can tell, and isn't from
MicroSoft for those who don't want to support
Redmonds millionaires.

Now, shall we get back on topic?


New Member Here

alain_5277 <opalockamishabob@...>

Hello All,

Just a note to inform you that one of the gretest booksellers in the
northeast, Edward R. Hamilton, has a complete section in his catalog
dedicated to Railroads and a sub-section for steam.

In the latest catalog I've received, there is a 9, VHS tape set
entitled, "America's Historic Steam Railroads" Item # is 3299090.

Here is the link for railroad section:

Here is the link for the VHS items:

I have no personal or financial interest in the company whatsoever. I
have been purchasing books from him for 16 years now and have never
been disappointed.

Alain...San Diego

Q re: ubiquitous solid bearing "Bettendorf" freight trucks


Other than the Dec 2003 MR article, is there a good listing of what
each of the major manufacturers' trucks really represent? I know what
some of the trucks are, but others seem a mystery! Can someone fill in
the missing data or add to this list?

Kadee #500 "Bettendorf" = 50 ton AAR (?) double truss ??
Athearn #90400 "Bettendorf" = ??
Atlas #185000 "Bettendorf" = ??
Accurail #100 "Bettendorf" = 70 ton AAR (?)with spring planks
Tichy #3008 "Bettendorf" = 70 ton AAR (ASF)self-aligning spr. plankless
ECW #9053 "Bettendorf" = 70 ton AAR (?)self-aligning spring plankless
Proto #21251 = 50 ton (AAR?) (?)spring plankless
Proto #3212560 = 50 ton AAR (?) simplex bolsters

thanks for the help
Duncan, BC Canada

fallen flags web site intriguing car

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

An interesting photo on this site is of CNW 128698, a double sheathed box car from 1912. What I found odd was the dark lines or shadows spaced along the side sheathing, making it look somewhat like the panels of a steel sheathed car. What is it in the design that gives this appearance?

Rob Kirkham

Roaming freight cars

Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

I know that photos of freight cars that are not where they are suppose to be are of interest to some on this group. I was looking at the images on the Wheeler CD I had burned before mailing it tomorrow and noticed SP 461873. This is a two bay ballast style hopper. It was spotted at Stewartville MN awaiting loading with iron ore. Sidney must have had a likening for SP cars there are quite a few SP and TNO cars.
Saturday we stopped at the Wilder museum in Spring Valley MN . I wanted to see the iron ore exhibit that was mentioned in the newspaper article I posted on this site a couple weeks ago. The museum charges a fee and the elderly ladies there thought I needed to see the entire museum. I explained I only had time for the iron ore exhibit. Finally we came to an understanding and I got a tour of the museum. (except for the Laura Ingles part thank goodness) I was glad I did because they had several of the ore nuggets on display. They are jagged rocks about 1" to 3" either tan or dark gray. I was able to get a photo copy of a photo of the load out facility. Recognizable hoppers being loaded are CGW (3), CB&Q, NKP, and NYC.
Clark Propst

Re: Wooden Running Boards - Dates

Gene Green <lgreen@...>

About 1938 - working from memory here, can't confirm until I'm back
home next month - the AAR asked the railroads to test various metal
running boards. It was only after the test period that metal running
boards were required. Wood running boards on cars already built
were, of course, grandfathered in.
Gene Green

Re: Wooden Running Boards - Dates

Tim O'Connor


Southern Pacific alone took delivery on nearly 6,000 box cars from
1940 to 1942 with metal grid running boards. Also the 1,000 R-40-14's
built during the war were so equipped. All of the C&NW and NKP War
Emergency box cars were equipped with metal grid running boards.
Perhaps other people can cite other batches of cars built with them
prior to 1944 -- when they became required equipment.

Tim O.

Richard, I hate taking you to task about this. But it is
not really true. Metal "open gride" running boards started
to appear on new and rebuilt equipment in the "very" late
1930's, I don't think some of the manufactures got into
offering them until early in the year of 1940 (Morton,
here in Chicago was one) from what I have read in Railway
Age. It's misleading to say that they appeared in significant
numbers prior to the end of WWII, as very few new and
rebuilt cars entered the ranks from 1940 until near the
end of the war.

Regards, Jerry Stewart
Chicago, Ill.

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