Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Jon Miller writes:

Might be a good time for Mike to state whether Way cars, er Cabooses,
are within our freight car topics. Also are we going to include Drover
cars? Some heavy questions for the moderator to decide!
Alas, the poor caboose. Usually...but not always assigned to the rear of a
train, it has no real home in the various lists. It isn't really a frt car,
nor can it be considered a passenger car [ assuming passengers are not RR
employees ]. I doubt we could really call it part of MOW nor would many
consider it a steam locomotive...although it often burned coal. Some
contemporary modelers probably think it's a diesel [ whatever that is ], but
few real railroaders would conclude that. So, given the fact that it usually
carried way bills for the frt cars in a train [ a cargo of sorts ], I'm
going to allow discussions about cabeese to be included....unless, of
course, there is strong opposition. Yeh, let's include drovers. Can't
imagine them being considered as people...ooops, passengers.

Mike Brock
STMFC moderator....when do I get to talk about frt cars?