List Access by Others

Shawn Beckert

Mike Brock wrote, in part:

...secrecy is not a least as far as I'm
concerned. This group is likewise not meant to
insult or demean the FCL in any way.
Mike, and List:

I hesitated a great deal before posting this, but I
feel it needs doing - I watched with concern last
week as the unfortunate debate over the "B" word got
hotter with each posting. I even attempted to inject
a little levity to try and cool things down, and just
ended up looking foolish.

I know this list was formed as a direct result of what
happened this past weekend, and I feel fortunate to be
included as a "charter" member. But I do have a real
concern about this list being common knowledge. This
list was created (I think) for the express purpose of
getting away from the newcomers and "Christmas Tree"
modelers. And I agree with that reasoning. But I also
have a concern that if the list is not restricted, at
least somewhat, you're going to have the same type of
people migrate here. And eventually there will be an
altercation of some kind, and the whole nasty cycle
will start over again.

I don't want to sound like there needs to be a "bouncer"
for this list, nor would I want to be a judge over who's
here and who isn't. But just so you know, I don't intend
to breathe a word of this list to anyone. Ever.

Having said all this,I will not bring the subject up again.

Shawn Beckert