Express reefers at Sidney, Nebraska

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Richard Hendrickson writes about Dave Nelson's Frt Conductor book:

And some of the loads look
like backhaul cargoes for westbound empties, which would explain what SFRD
cars were doing in UP trains. (It might be some help to know which
direction the cars were moving.) Offhand, the one exception that jumps
at me is 63013, which would almost certainly have been a URTX meat reefer.
To add a little bit to this [ and I believe I've mentioned it before, but
maybe on the PCL ] , the first volume of Terry Metcalfe's UP Modeler shows
photos taken in 1957 of some of the cars in an Eastbound UP mail train taken
at Sidney, Nebraska [ on the Overland Route ]. Included are photos of: REX
1604, PFE 661, ATSF 4000, ACL 3048, PRR 2248, NRC 672, REX?, and SP 5713...a
box car assigned to express service. All of the others are express reefers.

Mike Brock