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Shawn Beckert


Glad to see somebody step up to the plate on this.
I went home thoroughly depressed last night after
our extended conversation on this subject. I was
beginning to think this kind of information outlet
would never fly.

I've given this some thought this afternoon. Dave
Casdorph seems to have locked himself into the very
modern era with his Freight Car Journals lately. He
has the Society of Freight Car Historians; what say
we start up The Society of Really Old Freight Car
Historians? That might sound funny, but give it a
thought - hasn't been done before, has it?

You, Mr. Rose, and quite a few other people residing
here probably have the knowledge and expertise to pick
a subject and do a "charter" monograph on it. What kind
of encouragement/input/support would you require from the
rest of us?

Shawn Beckert