Norwest Note - Norwest Premium Series

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Just a note from Brian Pate, who has been making HO resin kits for
a few years, mostly of Canadian prototypes. But he does make the only
kit that I know of for a wood sheathed Northern Pacific refrigerator.
I'm quite sure they appeared on Sherman Hill from time to time.

From: "Brian Pate" <bpate@...>

Norwest Kits and Castings is pleased to announce its Premium Kit
The kits in this series (unlike many of the casting sets we offered
previously) will contain everything required to complete the model,
including trucks, decals, wire, chain, brake components and all other detail
parts (except couplers, paint and decal setting solution which most
modellers wish to choose for themselves). The casting technology is
upgraded, and the kits will continue to feature complete, copiously
illustrated assembly instructions.
The first kits to be offered in this format will be #105P CP
336260-series Flat Car and #106P CP 338100-series Stone Car. Both kits are
available by mail order only from Pro Modelbuilders, 1585 East Pender
Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5L 1V9, and are priced at $28 Cdn plus
applicable taxes ($20 US) payable by check, money order, or Visa. The
shipping and handling charge is $6 in both currencies for up to three kits
ordered together. Enquiries may be emailed to norwest@....
The remainder of our present kits and the new ones will be progressively
moved to this new format over the next few months. As a kit is moved to the
premium format, production of the previously available casting sets will
cease, and they will only be available as before until stocks are exhausted
from Brian Pate at 4663 Prospect Road, North Vancouver, BC V7N 3M1.
We will shortly have a new catalog available, giving pricing and
ordering information for the Norwest Premium Kit Series.

Brian Pate
Timothy O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Marlborough, Massachusetts