UP H-70-1

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tim O'Connor writes:

Yikes! If you read the small lettering, the hoppers are H-70-1's and the
caboose is a CA-3/CA-4. Holy Cow!! I've wanted these hoppers for years
and now they're coming from Europe, of all places!
Well, let's wait until we see them before we get overly excited. Yes, the
likelihood of seeing a model of an H-70-1 is about the same as seeing a
plastic scale model of UP Big Boy 4019 in elephant ears [ UP tried elephant
ears on 4019 for two weeks before succumbing to outraged citizens driving
along UP tracks in the Wasatch who complained bitterly about 4019's ugliness
with the "ears" ]. BTW, why would an SP fan want a UP H-70-1? Is someone
going to claim that they went into California and perhaps on SP or ATSF
tracks? That idea needs to be squashed immediately. Everyone knows that
hopper cars never went off home rails.

Mike Hopper Brock.....now tell us...why do you really want an H-70-1? Are
you perhaps a closet UP modeler?