Southern Railway Pulpwood Cars, Second Try


<P>Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 14:34:13 -0800
(PST)<BR>From: John Golden
<GOLDEN1014@...><BR>Subject: Re: [STMFC]
Southern Railway Pulpwood Cars<BR>To:
STMFC@...<BR><BR>Hi Dick,</P>
<P>I don't have any information on Southern
wood<BR>racks, but I am building a series of Seaboard
wood<BR>racks and have documented the progress on
my<BR>PhotoPoint site.&nbsp; It's in HO scale but you
might<BR>find some of the information and photos
<P>If you're interested, just click on
the&nbsp;"tag"<BR>below to get to my PhotoPoint
site.&nbsp; Check out<BR>the folder that says "Models:
Wood Racks".&nbsp; Hope<BR>it helps.</P>
<P>John Golden</P>

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