MRRX reefer

Dana and Larry Kline <klinelarrydanajon@...>

The following photos of Morrell reefers all show the door hinges and
latches painted the yellow-orange body color. The first 3 photos show
black drip rails. The last 4 show drip rails painted body color.

B&O Steam Finale, Vol II (Potomac Ch. NRHS)
p 55 - Two MRLX cars, Oct 22, 55, both rectangular red herald
p-56 - Two MORX cars, Mar 6, 54, 1 red herald, 1 no herald
MORX 9643, reweigh date 8-65, Model RRing, Mar 89, p41
MORX 9719, 9898, 9900, reweigh dates illegible, Bob's photos,
photos undated
The last 4 cars all have the heart shaped Morrell herald.
All but the first two cars listed are Mather cars.

Can anyone supply dates of use for the Morrell heralds?

Larry Kline