SP USRA gondola photo (Was: Hills Bros photo)


If you click on the thumbnail image, it will blow itself up. IIRC, there
are three resolutions. One is positively gargantuan.
This is all true. My error was to go the site index page, where are
listed only gif versions of the images, and they DON'T blow up. Once I had
the jpeg, it worked fine.
As Larry King said, this is a rare view. Neither I nor Richard
Hendrickson know of any other image of one of the SP USRA cars (inherited,
as Larry observed, from EP&SW). Luckily Richard and I got the lettering
right when we arranged for the NMRA 2000 Intermountain convention car
<grin>, just by using the SP lettering diagrams to figure out what to put
on the model.

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