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Thanks to Richard,Bill and Garth! This is great! For many,many
months I've been thinking the Bowser cars were the end all SAL
roundroof cars. I'm not trashing Bowser. I'm just glad that somebody
could provide me with the additional info so I could make an informed
1)Does Sunshine have a website? Do they produce a catalog? I hear
they also make a model of the 1932 ARA boxcar in SAL markings. SAL
loved their B6 class so I gotta have a few!
2)Can anyone recommend and article or book that would describe the
various types of boxcar ends and doors. Until to day I didn't know
the difference between a P-S end and a Dreadnaught end.
3)On the FC list there has been lots of talk about sulpher loads. I
was wondering if any of these loads would have moved overland during
WW2 because of the German Uboats. I know oil shipments went overland
to avoid the Uboats.
Thanks again. BTW...my REAL name is Richard Stallworth of Gainesville
Florida. Gainesville is in North Florida...but it was on Seaboards
South Florida Division.