pulpwood loads

John Nehrich <nehrij@...>

At the RPI club, we need a bunch of pulpwood cars. We have a number of MDC
gons lettered for C&O (the prototype of the kit) and a few kitbashed to N&W
and Rutland (different ends). We just discovered that Chooch makes a cast
resin pulpwood load for 40 foot gons, with wood stuck upright in the ends to
act as a bulkhead. So we figured these would be a quick way to get a bunch
even as we make some cars with individually cut twigs.
First of all, the Chooch loads are a touch too big to fit in the MDC
gon. They fit in the Ertl with a little room to spare, which looks a little
odd, but at least they are in there. They also represent 8 foot logs, not
four foot stacked side by side.
They are very heavy for a car - a little work with a Dremel to hollow
them out might work without too much trouble.
We've hit them with a dark brown wash and that really helped, as it
created dark areas between the logs, making them look separate. And we are
trying to add a single layer of just enough on the top to give a feeling of
natural variation, and yet not have them look so different from the rest of
the ends that they are a distraction. Will let you know how they turn out,
but it looks promising.
- John