Coal on the Suncook Valley, was UP Frt Con Book Data

Earl Tuson

From: Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...>
There were very few
places in the west where cross-hopper cars could be conveniently unloaded.
I don't know much about the west, or hell, even the east, besides the Suncook
Valley! I do know, however, that two out of the three post-war customers
receiving coal on that very eastern line were not equipped with elevated
trestles, rather they used portable bucket conveyors to move the coal from
(mostly) hoppers.

Coal shipped on the SV, 11/1/52-12/20/52

Fred Saltmarsh, Suncook, elevated trestle:
PRR 695122, Bit from Altoona, PA (PRR), Gla
B&O 331363, Bit from Allingdale, WV (B&O), ? twin
L&NE 14087, Anth from Coxton (?), PA, '35 offset twin

Merrimack Valley Farmers Exchange, Epsom, bucket conveyor:
C&I 5110, Bit from Colver, PA (C&I), '35 offset twin
LV 18356, Anth from Coxton (?), PA, pre-USRA 8 panel twin
PRR 209917, Anth from Coxton (?), PA, Glca
LV 17905, Anth from Coverts, PA (PRR), pre-USRA 8 panel twin (got photos!)
D&H 3855, Anth from Coxton (?), PA, USRA twin

Pittsfield coal dealer that I'm unsure of name of, bucket conveyor:
PRR 281641, Anth from Scranton, PA, Gr (only coal carrying gon)
DL&W 82125, Anth from Kingston, PA (DL&W), 10 panel twin

There was also one other unidentified MT hopper returned to interchange from an
unidentified customer.

Data from collection of Dwight Smith.

Earl Tuson

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