SP Rock Hoppers

tgmadden <tgmadden@...>

Tim O'C. opined:
How about ..... SP rock hoppers.
I'm not a post-'60s kinda guy (except age-wise), but those may be available.
Bruce's Train Shop in Sacramento has some HO private label resin
sand/gravel/ballast SP hoppers for sale, and I've uploaded a photo of an
H-100-23 model to http://home.att.net/~tgmadden/SP_hopper.jpg

They're very nicely done, and an incredible value in that they're assembled,
complete with grabs and truck mounting screws.They have four different ones,
but I only bought the H-100-23 (and that upon the insistence of Jim Booth
and Dave Hussey). There's no clue on either the box or the instructions as
to the manufacturer, and the fellow behind the counter (not Bruce) just said
it was someone locally who made them in his garage. I was on my way home and
had to drive to Wendover UT that day so couldn't pursue things, but maybe
someone from the Sacto area could enlighten us. Painted and lettered
versions of all four were on display, and quite frankly I didn't realize
they were assembled and not kits until I got home the next day and opened
the box!

Tom M.